Your Decision To File

Is Filing Bankruptcy the Right Decision? Talk to Us.

Your financial circumstances are highly personal. Honest, clear advice about whether bankruptcy is the right option should come from someone you have hired to personally represent you, not your coworkers or relatives. At CBG Law Group, PLLC, we have helped hundreds of people get a fresh start through bankruptcy and other debt relief alternatives.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation about whether filing bankruptcy is right for you. It may help to sit down with your family and discuss these questions. When you come in for your consultation with attorney Darrel Carter, you will be able to talk about the issues clearly and be ready to move ahead with the best option.

The day you file bankruptcy, there will be an automatic stay placed against bill collectors. Your creditors will have to deal with you only through your attorney.

To help you make your decision about filing bankruptcy, consider these questions:

  • Are you making minimum payments on more than two credit cards each month?
  • What is the balance due on each of your credit cards?
  • Are you skipping or juggling payments between credit cards and other loans each month?
  • Have you dipped into personal or retirement savings to make ends meet?
  • Have you talked to the credit card companies about avoiding penalties and late fees?
  • Have you recently missed a mortgage payment because of other monthly debt payments?
  • Have you been receiving collections calls or letters at home or at work?
  • Have you been threatened with repossession, wage garnishment or legal action?
  • Have you talked to a nonprofit debt relief agency or for-profit debt payment company?

If you have answered yes to some or most of these questions, bankruptcy may be the right option. We can help you determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate your debt, or Chapter 13 to restructure your payments into an affordable monthly payment plan. There are other debt relief options that may be available, as well, including installment agreements and compromises. We are your complete bankruptcy and debt relief law firm.

We Represent Clients Throughout the Bellevue Metro Region

Filing bankruptcy is a highly personal decision. Make sure you have the facts at hand and the right lawyer on your side. Contact us today. From our offices in Bellevue, we offer legal advice and representation for individuals, families and business owners throughout western Washington.