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Do you owe taxes to the state of Washington? Are they threatening to garnish your wages or bank account? Have you been audited by the state? You may also be facing similar threats from the IRS. At the Bellevue, Washington, law office of the CBG Law Group PLLC we can help you secure the tax and debt relief you deserve from both the state of Washington and the federal government.

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If you have significant debt in the state of Washington, you may want to consider filing for personal bankruptcy. Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy may completely discharge many of your debts and allow you to rebuild your credit. Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy will put you into a payment plan whereby you pay your creditors what you can afford for anywhere between three to five years.

Businesses and Individuals

Since the state of Washington does not have an income tax, individuals are unlikely to be audited by the state government. Businesses, however, are much more likely to be audited by both the state and federal government. If you are audited, we can help. If you disagree with the assessment in your audit, we can help you file an appeal.

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At the Bellevue, Washington, law offices of the CBG Law Group PLLC we can help you secure the state and federal tax relief you deserve. Whether you are fighting for your business or your personal finances, we can help you appeal your audit by the state of Washington. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Please call 425-223-4870 to speak with an experienced lawyer.