Installment Agreements

Is the IRS asking for more money than you are able to pay? Do you want to pay off part or all of your tax debt, but you just can't afford to pay them what they want? An experienced tax attorney can help you develop an installment agreement with the IRS. At the offices of CBG Law Group, PLLC, in Bellevue, Washington, we can help you get the tax relief you deserve.

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You can work with the IRS to develop a monthly installment plan that will help you pay back the money you owe, in part or in full, in a time frame that works for you. Please note that under an installment agreement you will continue to be charged for both penalties and interest.

A tax attorney can fight for your rights and help you develop an installment plan based on your needs and your ability to pay. Together, we will work to determine your best options and tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. If you have other debts, you may want to consider Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy.

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Our services include:

Businesses and Individual Bankruptcy Work

We help businesses and individuals develop payment plans on both the state and federal levels. In the state of Washington, an installment plan, referred to as a partial payment plan, is a way for you to make monthly payments with the taxing authority. If you are a business looking for an installment agreement plan with the IRS, you will, in most cases, have an IRS agent assigned to your case.

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