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It's an uphill struggle, and it probably feels as if you cannot possibly win. Trying to pay off your debt while taking care of your everyday expenses can be a constant battle. However, you have options that can help you level the playing field. You do not have to lose to your creditors and be dragged down by long-term debt.

If you are struggling with massive debts, our lawyer can help you with a free initial consultation to discuss what you can do. At CBG Law Group, PLLC, you will work directly with your lawyer to develop a plan for long-term financial success.

Explore Your Debt Relief Options

Let us explain your debt relief options, including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to eliminate most of your personal debt and to help you close your business.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to restructure all of your debts into an affordable plan.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help you with high personal debt and business debt.
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy: We can explore whether filing is the right decision for you, and if not, what your alternatives may be, including the possibility of loan modifications, cram downs or lien stripping.
  • Installment agreements: We can explain uncollectible status, installment agreements and offers in compromise to reduce your tax debt.

We Can Answer Any Questions You Have About Debt Relief

Your relief from harassing creditor calls and collection letters starts right here, right now. We answer questions from people just like you every day. Let us explain:

  • What your life will be like after bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy myths the banks and creditors do not want you to know the truth about
  • How bankruptcy ends creditor harassment
  • Bankruptcy terms you will hear throughout the process
  • How bankruptcy will affect your credit and how to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy
  • The bankruptcy process and the requirement for credit counseling
  • Which debts are uncollectible and what income is untouchable, as well as tax considerations
  • What debts are not dischargeable
  • How to eliminate credit card debt and medical bills
  • Creditors' rights during a bankruptcy

Contact Us — Free Initial Consultation

Financial issues involving debts and taxes demand immediate legal attention. Our attorney can explain our legal practice areas during a free initial consultation, and we will find a way to help you resolve your debt and tax law problems in Washington. Call our Bellevue office at 425-223-4870 or us the convenient online contact form.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.