How Can I Eliminate Medical Debts

The cost of quality medical care in our country can be extremely high, oftentimes impossible to afford. When an unexpected injury or other accident occurs requiring emergency room visits, long hospital stays or other serious medical attention, your finances can be severely stretched. At CBG Law Group, PLLC, we help individuals throughout Washington remove their medical debts through the bankruptcy process.

Medical bills can pile up fast, putting you over your head in debt faster than you anticipated. If this has happened to you, contact our Bellevue bankruptcy law firm to find out how we can help. You may also call our firm at 425-223-4870 to set up a free initial consultation regarding your medical debt options.

Eliminating Medical Debt With the Help of a Bellevue Area Lawyer

A lot of clients who come through our office do not initially realize that they can discharge their medical debts through the bankruptcy process. The bankruptcy laws allow for most medical bills to be discharged through the proper means. Our skilled team will analyze your situation and develop a plan that strives to give you the debt relief you need to move on with your life.

Your Credit Score and Medical Debt

Having large unpaid medical bills can really begin to destroy your credit rating. While most people are worried that filing bankruptcy will ruin their credit, the truth of the matter is that keeping all of your medical debt and struggling financially is worse. At our firm, you can rely on us to explain each option available to you and help you to rebuild your credit over the years after eliminating your medical bills through the bankruptcy process.

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