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At the offices of CBG Law Group, PLLC, we can show you how to eliminate or reorganize your debt through bankruptcy options and tax workouts. Most important, we can also help you fight to keep your house, your car and other assets.

Bankruptcy Can Stop The Harassing Calls

Suffering from financial difficulties is bad enough, but it is made worse by the incessant collection calls and demand letters. The stress can be hard to take. By filing for bankruptcy protection, the collections agencies must leave you alone and deal with your lawyer.

Our attorney's experience and reputation mean even if you do not file immediately, debt collectors are more likely to deal with your issues seriously and avoid any violations of debt collection laws. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you stop the harassing phone calls, collections letters and wage garnishments.

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More Than 20 Years' Experience With Bankruptcy And Tax Law

For more than a quarter century, our attorney, Darrel Carter, has been helping people regain their financial future. In addition to his years of experience with bankruptcy law, he is able to assist clients when they have issues involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Washington Department Of Revenue.

He started his practice in 1998 to provide his clients with a level of service few other firms provide. When you hire our firm, your case is not handed to a new associate or a legal assistant, but is handled from start to finish by our attorney, ensuring your case benefits from his decades of bankruptcy experience.

You Know You Owe Money, But How Can You Get Your Life Back?

Owing money to creditors is like being a slave to your debts. You find yourself trapped. The stress of trying to pay off your consumer debt can really take a toll. From tax and credit card debt to debt acquired through medical bills and other expenses, you just want a fresh start.

Our attorney will listen to your concerns, make a careful analysis of your personal situation, and help you understand your bankruptcy and other debt relief alternatives.

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At the offices of CBG Law Group, PLLC, we understand that if you are considering bankruptcy, you have serious financial issues. That is why we offer all our clients free initial consultations. Call our Bellevue office today at 425-223-4870 or use our convenient online form.